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Town Hall (District 2) 6/11/2019


State of the District Presentation

WATCH TOWN HALL VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xk3QOaVMTjE

What’s Next in Downtown?

Approved District 2 Bond Projects
Dog Park / Playground / Central Park
Coming Street Repairs/Replacements

Homeless Concerns: Health Care, Jobs, Panhandling & More

 District 2 Crime Reports
New "Civilian Spotters" Neighborhood Gunshot Program
Morris Accountability Report

State of the District Presentation (Slides) 6/11/2019

Town Hall (District 2) 9/20/2018

A PowerPoint overview of the District’s condition, including:

  1. Historic Downtown Revitalization
  2. District 2 Crime Report
  3. Illegal Fireworks & Celebratory Gunfire
  4. Homeless Concerns
  5. Animal Shelter/Animal Services
  6. Streets & Sidewalks
  7. Dog Park/Central Park
  8. Granger Center/Central Park
  9. Playground/Central Park
  10. Skatepark: On the Move!
  11. Neighborhood Issues: Loose Dogs
  12. Neighborhood Issues: Noise
  13. Neighborhood Issues: Crowded Parking
  14. Morris Accountability Report

Town Hall (pptx)